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The band has been together since 1987. Our sound has evolved over the years along with a growing playlist of favorites.

We provide R&B , Soul, Light Rock and Blues for your musical entertainment.

We appreciate everyone who has supported us over the years and look forward to providing you with our brand of entertainment in the future.

For those of you who are new to us. Thanks for visiting our site!

Every song that is on our cover list and many that we do not play has had an influence in our music coupled with the various listening preferences of each individual member gives us a unique blend of artistry.

We sound like every artist song that we play. We really try to get it right. There is no point in covering a song if you cannot either do it just as good or better than the original. Hopefully out of this will emerge the idea that we sound like POS.

In other words we plan to put our own spin on the songs that we perform and when you come to the show you will say "Sounds Like POS in House".

You can get a better view of this demo by CLICKING HERE

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